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Search Engine Submission Process- Free web site analysis

Submitting in the correct order - Submitting to search engines in the correct order can increase a site’s value within the search engines. Certain search engines place extra importance on sites that already have a listing in other search engines and therefore rank them higher. For example, Google respects the carefully screened listings of the human editors at The Open Directory Project (DMOZ) so a site that is already listed with The Open Directory Project will be given a favourable listing by Google. Epos follows its proven submission order in its web site promotion packages.

No arbitrary re-submitting Arbitrary resubmitting to search engines does not at all aid a web site promotion campaign. In fact, it can have a negative impact on your rankings. Search engines regard constant resubmissions as ‘spamming’ because they clog up their time and resources unnecessarily. The end result can be ranking penalties or even permanent removal from the search engine index. Epos submits a site to the search engines only when necessary and on a case by case basis.

Correct submission information Many search engines require some site information to be included with a submission. This can include a site title, description and keywords. Epos is highly experienced at providing site information that will give the site maximum ranking value within the search engine.

Epos's Search Engine Submission Process

Epos uses a proven submission process in the final stage of each of our web site Promotional Packages. By submitting to the free search engines (and paid search engines if you opt for it) using this submission sequence and optimized submission information, we get the maximum potential web promotion value that can be derived from a search engine submission.

Free web site analysis

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