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Find the best keywords for your website.

Keywords Is your site targeting the right keywords? If you have not considered the keyword phrases that your visitors might type in to a search engine, then the answer is probably “no”. Keyword research is an important part of choosing the phrases around which your site is focused. Instead of concentrating on the phrase that you think is the most searched upon, look for the phrases that actually bring traffic. This might include some niche markets that you had not previously considered.

Keyword Research The obvious key terms are most likely the most competitive. They have a large number of people vying for a top placement in the search engines sometimes without a similar amount of people searching for it. To gain a high ranking in this situation can take an incredible amount of time and money. What you need are effective search terms, terms that many internet users are searching under but which few competitors are promoting them selves under. By far the biggest jump in traffic will come from these terms. We will research the most effective terms and agree with you on the terms under which we will promote your site.

The number of key terms that your site is promoted under will be chosen based on their relevancy to the existing content in your site and the ability with which they can implemented into the site promotion. As a general rule, we promote a minimum of 5 key terms unless the specific web promotion package states otherwise.

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